Cycling Camp in the Colombian Andes

Colombia Cycling Tours

One Hotel or Hotel to Hotel?

Of course, only you can answer this question for yourself. For some, the comfort of a one hotel holiday is crucial, others prefer a tour with stages from point to point and a different hotel every day. But no matter which kind of tour you prefer and which one of our trips or holidays you choose, you will always enjoy a professionally organized trip with carefully planned routes, first-class rental bikes, excellent accommodations and real premium service!

One Hotel Cycling Holidays

Road Cycling Holidays

Colombia Cycling Camp – 12 days

12 days ● One hotel

You want to prepare for a specific race or improve your form with an altitude training camp? Or are you looking for a very special destination for your next cycling holidays and you just want to have a fantastic time cycling in stunning landscapes? Our cycling camps with individually adapted routes and tours fit everbody!



Road Cycling Holidays

Cycling Camp in the Colombian Andes – 8 days

8 days ● One hotel

8-day road bike holidays in one of Colombia’s best and most popular cycling regions. Emerald green mountains, a breathtakingly beautiful nature, sun and perfect roads make cycling in this region an unforgettable experience. Ride under optimal conditions, immerse yourself in this beautiful country and get to know Colombia from its best side!



Hotel to Hotel Cycling Tours

Road Cycling Holidays

Fascinating Colombia

15 days ● Hotel to Hotel

Our “Fascinating Colombia” tour offers you an unparalleled cycling experience. The challenging rides will take you through different regions of the Colombian Andes and you will climb some of the most famous and spectacular mountain passes in Colombia. The highlight of this trip is the tour to the Alto de Letras, with over 80 kilometers of length the longest climb in the world!



Road Cycling Holidays

Ruta del Café

11 days ● Hotel to Hotel

If you are looking for a perfect mixture between cultural immersion and a great cycling experience with some challenging, but not too hard climbs, this cycling trip is for you! Our road bike tour “Ruta del Café” takes us to some of the country’s most important and most scenic coffee-growing regions, which are characterized by their high altitude and mild climate.


Road Cycling Holidays

Alto de Letras

5 days ● Hotel to hotel

For cyclists who find our Fascinating Colombia cycling trip too extensive, but still want to climb the longest pass in the world once in their life, we offer the tour to the Alto de Letras separately and also as a package which can be perfectly combined with our cycling camps.


Special conditions for groups and clubs!

For groups of 6 people or more, we offer all our trips as private tours without any surcharge! Also if you have special wishes or requirements, we will be happy to design a trip that is perfectly tailored to your group!

Cycling Events in Colombia

The number of cycling events for hobby cyclists in Colombia has grown steadily in recent years. Here you will find a selection of some very special events for amateur athletes which can be combined or integrated perfectly into your cycling holidays. If you want to experience some pure race feeling, this is for you!

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One of many fantastic cycling events in Colombia: L'Étape Colombia