A whole continent in one country


“If you want to watch the Pacific Ocean, go to Chile.
If you want to watch the Atlantic Ocean, go to Jamaica.
If you want to climb the American Andes, go to Bolivia.
If you want to discover the savannas of the Orinoco, go to Venezuela.
If you want to explore the rainforest of the Amazon, go to Brazil.
If you want to get to know pre-Columbian cultures, go to Mexico.
But if you want to experience all this together, come to Colombia!”

Colombia, the country in northwestern South America, impresses and fascinates its visitors after just a few days. It is a land full of passion, joie de vivre and a vibrant, colorful culture. On an area that is about as big as Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland together, visitors experience a variety of landscapes and a unique variety of plants and animals (Colombia is the country with the second largest biodiversity worldwide). If you visit Colombia yourself, you will fall in love with this exotic country! Not for nothing Colombia, inspired by its inglorious past, used for a long time the slogan “el riesgo es que te quieras quedar” (“the risk is that you want to stay”) for advertisement.

Experience Latin America

Colombia also has a lot to offer besides road cycling. At Elite Cycling Colombia, you not only spend a great time in the saddle, but also get to know the country and its people!

Medellín – A city to fall in love with

Beautifully nestled in the emerald-green mountains of the Colombian Andes and blessed with a wonderfull climate, Medellin has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last 20 years. Medellin is today considered one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America and has been awarded several times. The city was voted the “World’s Most Innovative City” by the Wall Street Journal, awarded with the title of the “Most Attractive City in Latin America” and named by Forbes in 2018 as one of the 10 “coolest” cities in the world! While you might argue the title of the most innovative city, anyone who has visited Medellin will confirm that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America!

Relax and enjoy

If you would like to experience the unique character of Medellín for a few more days before or after your cycling holidays, we would like to recommend to you our partner hotel in El Poblado. It is one of the finest hotels in the city and is characterized by its location, excellent service and great facilities.

Beach in Tayrona National Park

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Colombia is not only a fantastic cycling destinations, but is also considered one of the most diverse travel destinations in Latin America! A trip to the Coffee Triangle, the Caribbean, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cartagena with its fascinating old town, the Sierra Nevada, the highest coastal mountains in the world, or the Tayrona National Park with its beautiful Caribbean beaches. These are just a few of the many attractions that are worth visiting. Ask us for more information and start planning your road cycling holidays in Colombia!