Bike Rental - Terms and Conditions

Please read the Rental Terms and Conditions carefully. They form the basis of all Rental Agreements concluded with Elite Cycling Colombia.

1. Subject of the contract
1.1. The lessor provides the renter with the bicycle, accessories or other rental items (hereinafter “rental object) named in the rental agreement, against payment of the agreed rent for the agreed rental period. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, the lessor owes no further accessories in addition to the named rental object.
1.2. The agreed rent is payable by the renter upon conclusion of the contract for the entire rental period. The conditions of the price list valid at the time of the rental apply.
1.3. The lessor may request a deposit in cash or by credit card. The basis for calculating the amount of the deposit is the current price list of ECC.

2. Duration
2.1. The rental period is governed by the terms of the contract.
2.2. If the rent starts on a day after 17:00 h, no rent will be charged for this day.
2.3. An extension of the rental period beyond the contractually agreed rental period requires the written consent of Elite Cycling Colombia before the originally agreed rental period ends.
2.4. In case of a delay in returning the rental object the rental period will not be extended. If the renter does not return the rental object to the lessor at the end of the agreed rental period, the owner is entitled to demand a compensation of at least the amount of the agreed rent. Elite Cycling Colombia has the right to claim further damages if the renter is responsible for the delay.
2.5. If the rental object is returned before the contractually agreed end of the rental period, the renter is not entitled to a refund of the difference. The right to extraordinary termination for good cause remains unaffected.

3. Handover, use and return of the rental object
3.1. The owner will hand over the rental object to the renter in a defect-free, usable, roadworthy and clean condition. Any defects have to be documented in the contract at the moment of handover.
3.2. The renter is obliged to use the rental object gently and carefully and commits himself to comply with the traffic regulations. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The bicycle must not be used under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The carriage of other persons is prohibited. The renter is not allowed to make any modifications to the rental object.
3.3. The rental object may only be used exclusively on our guided tours/rides and by the person indicated in the contract.
3.4. The renter must notify the owner immediately after becoming aware of any defect or damage to the rental object, in particular if the operational or traffic safety is no longer given. Addionally, the renter will inform the owner of any damage or defect when returning the rental object. Any defect or damage that has been repaired must also be reported to the owner when the rental object is returned at the latest. The renter is obliged to inform the owner about all details of the damage. In case of violation of these notification obligations, the renter is obliged to compensate the owner for any damage that might be caused by the violation of the obligation to notify.
3.5. In case of change of the rental object, Elite Cycling Colombia is entitled to charge a fee of EUR 10,- unless the change is based on a defect already existing when the rental object was handed over and if the rental object is not fit for purpose.
3.6. In the event of a theft or a traffic accident, the renter must inform the police and the owner immediately. The renter is liable to the lessor for any damage resulting from non-compliance of this obligation.
3.7. At the end of the rental period the renter will return the rental object to the owner in the same condition in which it was handed over to him, apart from the usual dirt. Return of the rental object must take place in the premises of Elite Cycling Colombia until 19:00 h of the last renting day. The final cleaning of the bike is included in the rental charge. The owner will acknowledge the return of the rental object on the renters copy of the rental document. This is only a confirmation of the receipt of the rental object, and not an acceptance of its condition as contractually owed.

4. Liability
4.1. The use of the bicycle is at your own risk. The owner is not liable for any damage incurred by the renter or third parties through the use of the bicycle.
4.2. The renter is liable for loss or damage of the rental object incurred during the rental period as well as for violations of other contractual obligations.
4.3. If, due to a damage to the rental object caused by the renter, the rental object must be repaired and can not be rented the renter will pay the owner the amount of a daily rent per day of repair.
4.4. In the event of destruction of the rental object, liability shall be based on the current price for the corresponding good in accordance with the current price list, whereby the rent paid by the lessee shall be deducted. In case of damage, the renter is liable in particular for repair costs and replacement parts.
4.5. In the event of theft or other loss of the rental object, the renter is liable up to the amount of the price of the rental object in the current price list of the owner. The rent paid by the renter for the rental object will be deducted. This limitation of liability does not apply if the renter caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence.

5. General provisions
5.1. If any regulation of these Rental Terms and Conditions should be invalid, this shall not affect the remaining regulations of this contract. The same applies to any loopholes in the contract. The original text of these Rental Terms and Conditions is in German language. In case of translation errors or unintentional differences between the different language versions, the general sense of the original text in German language (Allgemeine Mietbedingungen für Fahrräder) shall apply.
5.2. The contract is in writing. Changes or additions to the contract must also be made in writing. Verbal agreements do not exist.
5.3. Besides the regulations of these Rental Terms and Conditions the regulations of our General Terms and Conditions apply.